Festival auditions are Monday September 26 and Tuesday, September 27. A detailed description can be found in the Festival Handbook. You can also see a list of this year's music for each festival choir by clicking on "Festival List" in the menu bar above.

Practice tracks for students who are learning the All-City music will be available online.


The pre-registration Audition Application is online at http://www.allcitychoir.com. You will receive notification by email that your application has been received. Your child’s director must approve the audition application.

You will not receive an audition time slot until you check-in at the audition site. Check-in begins at 3:30 p.m. at each audition site on the day of auditions. Auditions will be scheduled in the order of check-in.

On arrival at the audition site, students should go to the registration desk for their choir for check-in. Students will be assigned an audition number and directed to a holding area. Students are to wait in the holding area until their number is called for the vocal audition. Audition dates and times are:

September 26- All-City Middle School Auditions (Day 1) at Huntsville Middle School

September 27- All-City Middle School Auditions (Day 2)
at Huntsville Middle School
SATB High School All-City Auditions (Only Day) at Huntsville High School

Each student will be judged on his/her knowledge of the music, beauty and vitality of tone, and pitch matching. Directors will notify the students of audition results at their respective schools.

Audition procedures are as follows:

  1. ALL students will be responsible for knowing all of the music. Each director will be provided a practice tracks to aid in the learning of the music. These tracks are available on this web site. Click the “Learning Tracks” link in the resource bar on the right side of this page.
  2. The 6th Grade Treble Choir, the 6th-8th Grade SAB Choir, and the 8th & 9th Grade Women’s Choir will audition in small groups.
  3. The High School SATB Choir will be auditioned in the “All-State” style (10 at a time, but singing individually).
  4. The choirs will be auditioned by members of HCDA.


A fee of $25.00 is charged for all students who pass the audition and are selected to participate in the All-City festival. This covers student medals, guest conductor expenses, and concert facility use. By charging this fee, there will be no admission charge to the concert or parking expense. This fee is collected differently at each school. Please ask your director about the collection procedure at your school.